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10th and last update

The reMEMber team has left but not without leaving their blessings and goodwill on the people of Kenya. From the slums of Marthare to the desert of Turkana the reMEMber team touched lives. Many people are no longer in pain because Dr. Eric and the team extracted painful teeth. Some had been in pain for years. The 257 children at Maggie’s School have school uniforms and shoes thanks to the team and Kristi Kicks for Kenya. The children at Beat the Drum have new friends. The reMEMber team endured vans that broke down stranding them on the side of the road, getting stuck in rivers and sand in Turkana, days without water at our house because of the severe drought in Kenya. They slept in beds they weren’t accoustomed to in rooms with other team members and ate food they had never seen or heard of and sometimes couldn’t pronounce. They listened to the Temples of Worship sing and praise God. They prayed with and for the Kenyans. They allowed God to touch their hearts and in some cases break their hearts. They stepped way out of their comfort zone to travel for 24 hours (some longer) to serve the people of Kenya. The Partners for Care staff here in Kenya will forever.reMEMber them. You can see some of their photos at From kenyan Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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