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1st Update

Sometimes AIDS seems like statistics – 70 million infected, 30 million have died leaving millions of orphans. Then you come face to face with the effects of AIDS on one person. Today we are face to face with that one person. A Kenyan friend introduced to me last year by Mary Mugo lies in a hospital bed fighting for her life. She has asked to see us. This women has been infected for years and has lived positively with the virus having been infected by her husband who left her years ago. She has been the Director of Kenyan women living positively with HIV. Suddenely and without warning she converted to AIDS. The doctors put her on ARVs but her body rejected the drugs. She is desperately ill. AIDS kills. It is times like this that motivate GOA to continue to spread the news of HIV awareness and prevention. Many of you know Catherne as she has served with us in medical camps and attended the opening of Kathi’s House at Beat the Drum. Catherne is Luo and her family have cried as the GOA Kikuyus have come to the hospital not only to see Catherne and pray for her but to donate blood for her. God is healing Kenya using even a woman dying from AIDS.. After we see Catherne we travel to Beat the Drum – another reminder of the effects of HIV/AIDS, as this special Children’s Home has been created by GOA to meet the needs of infected, precious children of God..

Blessings, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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