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2nd report from the GOA Pray for Peace Bus

We continue to hear of violence in Kenya but know more than ever before it is spiritual warfare. On Friday the International Day of Prayer for Kenya when many in the world prayed for peace the enemy used men to attack Nukuru. More have fled their homes.

While many of us listen to the news and watch in horror our brothers and sisters in Christ are God’s solders on the fromt line fighting this battle as God would call them to with compassion, forgiveness, and refuge.

Some news from these soldiers of God:

From our brother Francis We are moving to Nakuru, the place with alot of displaced people from Eldoret and the rest of the affected areas. My wife got a transfer we have already found a house and paid, though the rent was very high. I dont know whether we can afford it, but we are moving with a call to help our people in prayer and do whatever is needed of us to help.

Pray that it will be calm to enable us to move so that my wife can treat the affected people being taken to the hospital. We need alot of prayers for God’s protection and His work to begin immediately.

Send the messages to the friends who may need to help in food, and a hall where we can be meeting to receive the word of God, counseling, prayers and food rations. We would need chairs… anything that would be needful for such kind of people. Its time for me as a kikuyu to tell my people that they should not take revenge for God will punish us when avenging for the people affected. I had a dream: I was carrying people in a pick up truck, through a very slippery weather road, but God held the vehicle that we sailed through, but we found another flooded section where venomous snakes were drowning and they were very angry and trying jump out of the water, but they finally drowned. I believe that the devil is defeated, and we will be back in peace and start rebuilding our Nation.

I believe God is calling us to Nakuru because I should have felt more safer here in Nyahururu, but I feel an urge to move on to Nakuru. I want to help the HIV positive people get their medicines, bring them together for group therapy, and give them hope. My heart is very heavy for Nakuru.  CONTINUE PRAYING FOR PEACE


From Sammy (who wrote and sings the Pray for Peace song)

The song touched many people in limuru  camp where i was and on tv they promise to play it coz it is very touching Sammy

Pray for this GOA Pray for Peace bus. There are many requests for medical help, food, blankets coming from the GOA pastors. Pastor Simon is now requesting the bus and lorry to come to help him as he now has so many displaced people. Until more funds arrive at GOA the bus can only go to camps in Nairobi. The GOA nurses, social workers and pastors are doing the work we would do if we could be there but because can’t please support them in their efforts.

Praying for peace and for our brothers and sisters fighting the battle for Christ,Connie

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