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3rd update

Yesterday the Peace Team wittnessed first hand the difficulty of a lack of food in some of the IDP camps. The Peace Team went to Nyrahruru at the invitation of Pastor Simon. The pastors had set up an IDP for those displaced during the Navasha clases. There are 300 people sleeping here with another 1300 coming for food. These 1300 are displaced but living with other people and in need of food.

We did medical camp, tested 85 for HIV/AIDS and brought food. Many were sick with diarrhea and upper respiratory illnesses. They sleep on the floor women in one room and men in another room. Sammy and David did praise and worship and Pastor Muturi encouraged them.

When the pastors passed the food out there was almost total chaos as people are hungry and there wasn’t enough food for everyone. Five media people came TV, radio and print and stayed a couple hours with us. They were amazed to watch people in the Eastern region of Kenya scambling for food.

After all the food was gone, everyone seen in medical and all tested who wanted to be tested Sammy and David led people in praise and worship. Half-way through praise and worship Pastor Simon received a message that a peace agreement had been signed! People cheered as Pastor Simon told them and they thanked God!! And then we showed them Pastor Karanja’s message DVD Prayers for Kenya. It was just perfect message as Pastor Karanja told them to have an attitude of forgiveness. Sammy and David ended with their song Par for Peace Kenya. Everyone listened intently as David sang. There was a spirit of needing healing in Kenya.

I have been asked how this agreement will change kenya Relief and the Peace Bus. Pastor Muturi is surveying the ground to determine those still displaced and hungry. And it will take a long time to close all the IDPs. Many of their homes and buisnesses have been burned. The Bishop will advise how he sees the Peace Bus used best. The healing and reconcilation is now beginning in ernest

God delivered peace in Kenya, now we pray for healing, Connie

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