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3rd Update from Connie

The team is ready to depart for the Displaced Person Camps. Every person did their part today. Rice, maize, diapers, medications, santitary pads,, blankets!p, Ssppppoccer balls with PEACE printed on them and VCT supplies purchased. George (who hadn’t slept in 24 hours arrived about 6:00 at the apartment. There are 25 people sleeping in the apartment. All have been fed and with men in one room, and women in two rooms all are resting as we get up at 4:30 to load the lowry truck and leave at 6:00. Aaaa

We really don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Parliment took their seats orderly today despite threats of disruption. We went to the Red Cross office and was told they monitor from the air and the ground and the roads are not blocked. They say we would receive a police escort from Nakura to Eldoret.

As I listen to the stories of what happened and how so many of this staff had a family member who lost their homes, buisness and all they owned. Nick and Charles stayed in Mathare the whole time. They said people starved to death in Mathare. Now they have 6 children with them.

Mare social worker from Marsabit has begun her needs assessment and so far 100 orphans. And she is still assessing.

Thank you for your encouraging emails, Connie

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