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4th update Peace Bus

The Peace bus was in the Internally Displaced Persons Camp again. Nick and Charles could not go with the team because of violence in Mathare. Please keep them in your prayers. They have taken in 14 children now. GOA checks on them daily and makes sure they have food. Here are the reports from the team:

GOA staff are risking their lives to serve God and help the many Displayed People who need medical care and prayer.

From Nojie (mary mugo’s sister) Hallo,i thank God so much for the unity that we had today. We worked as a team and all was well. Thanks so much for the funds which is making our work easier, we treated 168 patients who were seriously sick, 14 people were tested for hiv and one was positive, we prayed together and encouraged them. We escaped so many barriers that were set on the way but God protected us all through. May God bless you as u continue serving His people,GOD BLESS U

From Pastor Muturi

The peace bus team went to uplands against very high tension of insecurity alert on the way. About 1000 internal displaced people are housed by pastors and families at uplands. They come to the grounds of full gospel church every tuesday for food . The red cross have done very little to assist these people.

When we went there about 250 who missed food the previous day were eagerly waiting for us as the only hope of putting some food in their mouth that day. Our services was seriously needed there and when we were through we were highly appreciated.

168 people were treated of cold related sicknesses, hyperacidity, malaria, skin infection. Two cases of pregnant women with discharge refered to kijabe catholic hospital. 14 people underwent VCT and one who was positive was adviced on where to get special help. 50 bales of maize flour were given, five 90kgs bags of beans , 100 kgs of cooking fat, 90 blankets, 1 carton of sanitary pads. They requested us to go back on tuesday for a medical camp when all the one thousand people will be on the ground.

compiled by pastor PAUL MUTURI

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