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8th update

Partners for Care ministers to its own Soon after I arrived George one of our worship leaders came to speak with me. He said his sister had just informed him that his father was infected with HIV. George was concerned about his Dads second wife and a small child from that marriage. While Georges Dad is a believer he has two wives.

George with his family

The team with George’s family

A common practice in his village. As Georges family was two hours from our last mission stop we made the decision to go visit and help George and his family. The team was excited as we boarded our bus at 5:30 am to leave Bugoma for Georges family. We travelled down very rural roads until George said to stop. We were at his familys burma. What we would call a small farm. There were 4 small mud houses – one for the first wive, one for the second wive and each wive has a kitchen although the cooking is done outside over open flame. The welcome was so special. Many came from all the village to see George. Introductions took 2 hours. We could see how the people in the village love George. George waisted no time in assessing the health status of his family. It is not easy to determine a persons status because of fear, stigma, and denial. George found his father, the second wive and sadly the small last born infected. George told me he with sadness in his heart that he thought AiDS was far from his life, far from his family and now he knows it is so close. The family prepared a feast for us. Some of the best food I have eaten in kenya. All preoared over open fire outside. Amazing. Under the tree the worship team set up their equipment and led worship. A local preacher preached a powerful message and two accepted Christ and many knelt to be prayed for. A revival right at Georges Later we brought the family together to give them bednets and teach about malaria, water borne illnesses, and HIV prevention. It was time to leave for the long drive back to Nairobi. We were leaving George so he could help his family. It was hard to leave. Even in this short visit we had developed a closeness to Georges family. Praying for George and his family, Connie Sent from my BlackBerry®

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