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This trip food was a major focus. From the trip to the Turkana where we found starving children and old people to the rescue center in Mathare to Beat the Drum everyone was trying to obtain food to feed the children. Even with the house I live in with Partners for Care staff obtaining food was an issue. Kenya is not food secure at this time. There is many reasons for this including the post-election violence when grain was destroyed and land was not planted, months and in some areas even longer without rain, political issues and even corruption has played a part. Kenya has been declared an emergency situation with people dying from lack of food and water. Kenyans are responding with food collection center set up by the Red Cross, a Mercy train carrying food is moving around Kenya, cabinet members are to “sacked” for corruption and Kenyans have been asked to eat two meals a day and donate the money from not eating one meal. If you feel God telling you to “feed my people” you can donate to Partners for Care and all of the money will be used for food. We went early Saturday morning to meet the trucks coming in from the fields carrying beans, maize and rice. It was chaotic and very crowded but we managed to buy maize, beans and some flour to take to the children in the rescue center. We gave Pastor John some emergency funds to buy food for BTD. The filming we did in Turkana became a six part series on the Christian TV station hopefully raising awareness that will bring some help. And, pray for rains. Kenya needs rain for water and for the crops. Praying for food and rain, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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