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A vision grows

It was a simple vision…help the women of Parkishon make medallions out of beads and Linda would sew them on bags and purses and sell them in the US. Linda called the project Rendille Inspired Designs. There is no commerce in the village of Parkishon so this would bring a small commerce to the women.

We purchased beads in Nairobi and the wire in Marsabit. We delivered the supplies in August on a Monday and one week later there were 76 women making medallions. We were humbled when we went to see the women making medallions. They were sitting in the dirt, legs outstretched making the medallions on their laps. There was no shade and in the desert the sun is hot.

Making the medallions

Someone said, “we should build a shelter for them to protect them from the sun.”. When the women were told this they went to the chief’s house late at night and told the chief “you must give us land to build our shelter for our bead project”. Many NGOs have attempted to get land but the chief has denied them. But, the chief has said yes for Partners for Care to build a shelter for the women.

When we visited this past Tuesday, Elizabeth, the Community Health Worker took my hand and led me to a place behind the chief’s house and told me to “stand there”. She then got others to stand in the other corners of the land that the chief has donated. It is a good size piece of land.

Now the plan is to build a what if? Life Changing Center in Parkishon where the women can learn to read and write and where they can make the medallions. And, even possibly they will sew water packs and sell them for income.

This vision has grown because of Deb, Communication Director for Greif and Dano who is a business leader with Greif. They came, they saw and they want to help Pastor Hirbo help his people to help themselves through sustainable projects.

Is this bigger vision possible? All things are possible for those who believe. We believe this center will happen.

Watching visions grow here in Kenya as God brings together an incredible group of people who have a heart to make a difference in the world,

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