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Connie’s 4th Update from Kenya

Today football teams contiue to play games as the tornaments moves to the finals . While the teams played, the large crowds watched, the streets boys and small children were led by Moses manager of CCRC. About 100 children stayed with Moses all day. There are some 25 “street boys who have been with us both days. They openly sniff their glue from the small bottles they carry in their pockets. They are dirty, hungry and some have sores on their faces and arms. They are all very thin. Some are intoxicated from the glue staggering as they follow us wanting to be close. The team has fed them breakfast of chapati and bananas and luch of sanwhiches, chips and biscuits. You can’t avoid smelling the glue yourself as they sit by you. It is very hard to leave them each night as we all know they will be sleeping in the streets. The two women teams showed up and suprised everyone including SN. Most were moms carrying their babies. Some of the women were in their 40’s and we were told half are infected with HIV/AIDs.. They came to practice – in skirts and dresses and some in flip flops.. They do not have uniforms or shoes. They played hard, shouting when goals were made. And they brought with them about 50 women who watched them and their children while they played. They are scheduled to play tomorrow at 1:00. SN is buyiing them all track suits. For their prizes tomorrow. Now it is dark and on a sheet used for a screen hung on the side of a building some 600 watch the Jesus of Nazareth film. Moses has led many to Christ tonight. The team is tired but still they all do what they feel God calls them to do – win souls for the Lord. Blessed to be in Kenya, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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