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Drought in Kenya putting many at risk

I am sending you a video clip (click link “Drought in Kenya below”) of the Governor of Marsabit talking about the severe drought in Marsabit. He is telling how the drought is causing a severe lack of food and water and this is causing health problems. The Kenya Red Cross has gone to the drought areas to help.

I spoke by phone with Dr. Kochi, Marsabit Public Health Director, and he told me there maybe adults who die during this drought but they are doing all they can to “keep alive the 5 and under children”. These are children we know and the children Pastor Hirbo ministers to.

Some of you have already responded to my earlier message about the drought. Pastor Hirbo, Sammy and I are grateful. All the funds donated for the drought will go to Kenya to help Sammy and his staff take a truck load of food to Pastor Hirbo to distribute to those most in need.

Any funds sent can be designated for the drought or if donating on line indicate the donation is for the drought.

Joining all those praying for rain, Connie

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