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Follow the PFC Kenyan team!

The PFC staff are here!  They are sharing the stories of the lives they are changing in Kenya. You can follow them on Facebook as they tour the US meeting and thanking donors and partners.

Here are two of their Facebook links. One is the team singing at the annual MedShare gala. It was a beautiful evening as the team sang to so many supporters and partners of MedShare.

The second post is their time at Penny Farm Mobility Worldwide. The team was able to thank the volunteers who make the carts that are team distributes to those who desperately need a cart to lift them from the ground!  They sang for the volunteers and shared a video of people in Kenya getting on the mobility carts. The volunteers were touched and encouraged as their heard and saw first hand the lives they change by building and shipping a mobility cart!

I know you will be blessed as you follow the team on their US tour. They hope to meet many of you and thank you for your love, prayers and support!

Blessings to each one of you,


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