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From Bridgette: Equipping the Kenyans

After 2 long days of travel, we have arrived safely in Kenya with 20 suitcases full of supplies for our PFC staff. Often times I am asked how the donated monies are used to help meet our goal of self-sustainable life-changing work. ‎Equipping our staff is how some of the money is used.

I wish you all could witness the joy and excitement on our Kenyan teams’ faces when we gave them the supplies we have brought them. From medical supplies for Dr. Dennis in works in Marurui slum and has been passionately setting up a birthing room in the clinic to encourage mothers not to give birth alone in their mud huts. To the excitement on our literacy teacher Sam’s face as he shares how the 35 donated e-readers from World Reader with 200 downloaded books has drawn so many people to our literacy classes, allowing him to bring reading and  learning to thousands. And as I write this, our IT manager John is setting up the 3 donated computers we have brought him so he can set up another IT school. In addition, we were able to bring a number of soccer uniforms…getting young men and women off the streets, out of the slums and turning their lives around through organized sports.

When this ministry began 8 years ago, it was our main objective to “equip” our staff ‎to help them fulfill their vision of bringing about positive change in their nation. They are committed, they are passionate, they are willing…and thanks to so many who have come along beside them-they are equipped. Nothing we bring is ever wasted here-from a single flashlight to a large baby warmer at Marsabit Hospital. It’s all relevant-and we are all so grateful for those who care enough to continue to give.


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