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GOA Peace Bus

The GOA Peace bus is in the camps today. Here is a message from Jane and Sammy:

From Jane: Connie, just to inform you that we are set for tomorrow’s trip to limuru  Everything is in place. Paul will treat people. Pricilla, Ann, Nick and Charles  will do the HIV testing, Sammy and David will be singing the Peace song.  We  have hired a P.A system and  Pastor Muturi will give messages of peace and hope, Penny .and Njoki will be part of the team .Kenney will be drving us. . for us to be able to go to Mathare Slum on saturday we require funds by tomorrow.may the Lord grant you favour as you request people to support this mission. From Sammy: Thank you so much we are now at  limuru ready to visit 4 camps one is Word of Faith Church there  are 210 people,  Ngecha there are 200 people Kirathimo there are 600 people and kiboko there are 100 people. There are a total of 1110 displaced  people  When I asked them what is the  most need they were teling me they needed  egetables and milk for children.

Today as you pray for peace for Kenya pray for this GOA peace bus staffedwith people many of you know and love. They are as they say “on the ground” in the camps praying, singing, worshipping, providing medical care and giving children who have been displace from their homes for almost a month now milk and vegetables. Having been with this team for a week going into the camps I know how heavy their hearts are to see the country they love with people living outside, in tents, in churches and far away from their homes.

Bishop David says when we see a problem we say someone should do something. This GOA team is doing something.. What we can do is support them with funds to go to the camps and we can cover them with prayer.

I will ccontinue giving you these updates from the ground if you want – but please let me know if you want off this email list.

Thank you for praying, for your heartfelt emails back, for your tears, for caring for this GOA team that is just trying to do their part. Any support for them can be sent to ILI/Partners for Care – Kenya Relief.

Today we pray around the world in every nation for peace in Kenya, Connie

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