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God knew

The donors to the drought didn’t know, Pastor Hirbo nor any of the PFC staff knew but God knew. God knew when Pastor Hirbo chose a small remote village of the Gabra tribe 50 miles through the dry, desolate desert to be the recipients of the truckload of food and water we bought for them with the funds donors had given us to help those at risk of starvation that there was a bigger mission than we knew!

God knew we would meet a pregnant woman that day who looked ready to deliver. And, without a doubt He knew Pastor Hirbo would be moved to help her. Pastor Hirbo moved the woman to Marsabit where for three weeks he has been getting her food and taking her for checkups at the Marsabit Hospital as she waited to deliver.

God knew that this humble tribal woman was carrying twins – two babies a girl and a boy!  Last night at midnight Pastor Hirbo took Mom to the hospital where she safely delivered the healthy babies!  Mom and babies are doing great!  The doctor at the hospital told Pastor Hirbo that she could have lost both babies if she had stayed in the village. He thanked Pastor Hirbo for having a ministry that cares enough to help this Mom safely deliver her babies.

While we didn’t know we were doing more than feeding these families for a month God knew. I think He has a special plan for these tiny new lives!

Beautiful healthy babies!

So grateful for all those whose donations make possible the work of Pastor Hirbo and all the PFC staff.


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