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God says if….

God says if I give you little and you use it well I will give you more. God has gifted through our donors and our partners 87 mobility carts, 70 computers and 25,000 water back packs. The Partners for Care have used all of these gifts to change the lives of thousands.

God has noticed how well the staff have used these gifts and this next year PFC will be receiving 800 mobility carts, 400 computers and 43,000 more water back packs!  Many more life’s will be changed!

Thank you to those who have donated throughout the year, those who donate every month and to those who have donated for our year end campaign!  Without your support the PFC staff could not deliver the mobility carts to the children who crawl on the ground, or open the free computer training centers or deliver the water back packs to schools all over Kenya providing safe water to thousands of children changing the next generation.

We would be grateful for any support you would like to give ( All of your donations go to support the PFC staff on the ground in Kenya as they reach their own people with sustainable solutions.

Blessings for a wonderful New Year,


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