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Greif’s visit to Partners for Care

This past week we hosted a team from Greif. Most of you know Greif is the company behind the water back packs we have been distributing. The PFC staff were very excited for the Greif team to hear from the people themselves how much they love the water packs and how much the packs have changed their lives.

I wanted to share with you highlights from their visit.

*In Machokos the team was able to watch PFC staff train on how to use the water pack. PFC staff member David told the women who were sitting under a tree how the water pack would prevent them from getting sick from water borne illnesses.  These women had been waiting for months for water packs. They had seen the water packs in a neighboring village and they wanted packs, too. We knew as soon as we received a shipment of water packs they would be the first to receive them. The Greif team were able to help distribute the packs to the women. The team got hugs, kisses and lots of appreciation!

*They made a visit with PFC staff member Peter to the Marurui slum and met Francis. Francis told the Greif team that Peter had saved his life. Peter explained how he used mHealth when Francis had an asthma attack. Francis also told the Greif team how much the water back pack has helped him.

*The team walked down the hillside with the women in Machokos when they went to fill the back packs from the stream. As not every woman in Machokos has a water back pack, the team also saw women putting water in and carrying contaminated jerry cans. The team from Greif put on the water packs and then they carried the jerry cans.  They experienced the difference for themselves between the water pack and the jerry can.

*In Limuru at the clinic of our board member Dr. Richard, they sat across the table from 6 women who one by one shared their story. They are all women living positively with HIV/AIDS. They told the Greif team how the water pack ensures they have safe water to take the medicine that saves their lives.

*Dr. Richard told the team the many benefits of the water pack including that children and adults drink more water thus improving their hydration because they trust the water from the pack.

*The team visited a school where the water packs hang in each classroom. The children love the water packs and come to school early so they can get water to drink from the packs.

*They were hosted by Mt. Kenya University who is partnering with Partners for Care on many of our programs including the water back packs.

Everywhere the Greif team went they heard people tell them how they love the water packs.  And they learned in Kenya every pack has a story.

We are grateful the Greif team came to visit us. And, now I am on my way with them to visit Dr. Paul Farmer’s program Partners in Health in Rwanda.

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