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Jesus said, “feed my people”

Never have those words held such meaning to me as they do now. I think Jesus not only intended us to feed His people but to help His people feed themselves.

I have begun to organize my thoughts and assessment of the situation here in Kenya and in the world related to the current food crisis around 4 groups of people.

1. Those who are hungry due to a lack of food security. They maybe eat 1 meal a day.

2. Those who are suffering because they go many days without eating.

3. Those who are starving because they have gone a long time without food or are eating food of poor nutritional value.

4. Those who are dying because of a lack of food.

This trip I have met people that fall in all those categories. Nick and Charles’ children aren’t starving but they were suffering as last week they went for 5 days with only porridge. The babies and small children at the refugee camp were starving…some dying. Others we know are hungry.

Food or rather a lack of food is the topic of conversation here in Kenya for everyone. It is in the papers daily and on the news every night. Food costs are very high due to the severe drought. Kenyans have launched a program this week “Kenyans Helping Kenyans” raising money to help Kenyans who are suffering and starving in the Turkana and Marsabit areas.

We ask ourselves what can we do as a small organization. Feeding the Somalia refugees has to be the work of the nations coming together through the United Nations and the World Food Program. And they are responding with short and long term plans. In the immediate, emergency situations food is being delivered to those most desperate. Plans also include helping countries plant drought-resistant crops and developing ways to secure water.

So what can Partners for Care do? We feel we can help in the following ways:

1. Helping people plant kitchen sack gardens. One sack cost $5.00 to plant and feeds one child. Three sacks feeds a family.

2. Helping people catch the rain by installing rain guards and rain barrels.

3. Help people with poultry projects – chickens and rabbits. PFC Kenya staff are giving Nick and Charles 50 grown chickens. This will give them eggs and meat.

We feel we are called to help those we know:

Nick and Charles’ children

The widows in Mai Mahiu who are caring for children

The orphans and vulnerable children in Maururi Slum

If you want to help you can send money to PFC so the team here in Kenya can follow Jesus command to “feed my people”.

Grateful for you messages of encouragement and prayers,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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