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Just the little things

I am returning from Kenya. While in Kenya I visited with the leaders of each of the Partners for Care programs. I realized the things the leaders of the programs asked for were little things that would make a difference for the many people they serve….

Dr. Mercy asked for a small cooler to transport vaccines. She wanted 3 spoons, a pitcher and a tray to show Moms how to mix solution to rehydrate their babies who were dehydrated.

Pastor Hirbo asked for a soccer ball and he needs vaseline to treat the jiggers in the children’s feet

Sam wants more desks as he has so many students in 2nd Chance who want to learn

John just wanted to get two of his computers repaired as he has so many students

And, Pastor John needs a bed for one of the 10 children who now call him Dad.

Little things mean more people can reached by the Partners for Care staff. Thank you for supporting PFC so we can help Kenyans help those who need help.

Glad for those who use little things to help many,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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