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Maggie’s School

Yesterday we met with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education Professor Karega Mutah. He invited three other high ranking public officials to the meeting. We showed them the pictures of Maggie’s School. They were very excited that over 200 children are receiving education in the desert of Turkana. They were also very happy 45 adults are receiving adult literacy classes. Some of them were suprised that some children come to school naked! They want to help the school and told us they will move quickly on registering it so they can to help with the costs of the teachers and the the food. And they all want to come when my sister visits the school in July. As an followup to our visit we are doing the following: 1. Andrew PFC social worker is purchasing some clothes for the naked children 2. Andrew will purchase a bell, flag, and a scales for the schooll. All the children will be weighed and height taken monthly. 3. Andrew will take dewormering medicine for the children. 4. Rain quards will be put on the roofs of the school and teachers house to catch the rain will it does come. 5. Mats wills will be bought for the children to sit on while eating lunch. And my sister requests we build a shelter for the children to eat under to protect them from the very hot sun. We are also talking with the Member of Parliament for this area about partnering with the Ministry of Health to build a clinic here as the closest healthcare is 20 miles away. And remember there are no cars or motorbikes there – only mode of transportation is walking. Blessed to be my sister’s partner in Kenya to help with Maggie’s School, Connie i Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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