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Maggie’s School

From Bishop David Thagano Thanks for sharing the vision of Akatuman school. I’m blessed to think of a school in Akatuman. The Bishop has for a long time had a heart for the unreached tribe of the Turkana. It is very hard to believe but true that there exists no school in the Akatuman area. No school for children to even learn to read the bible. No adult literacy classes for those who accept Christ to learn to read His word. Maggie’s School will change that. Maggie is the beatuiful daughter of Connie’s sister Wink Mcleod. God called Maggie home two years ago at the age of 19. Maggie was the love of our life, the happy one, the giving one, the one who made you feel special. God felt Maggie’s work here on earth was complete and called her home – but we as humans will always miss her. Wink wants to honor Maggie and her love for learning, for writing and her beautiful spirit by building a school in the Turkana region thus providing hope in this area. It will be more than a school as Partners for Care will also use this facility as a community health center addressing the many health issues that are preventable – HIV/AIDS, malaria, diseases from unclean water, etc. I will provide updates on Maggie’s School on the blog. We are planning a trip to dedicate Maggie’s School the end of July. Current status They are currently building a dividing wall in the existing GOA church (Pastor David’s church) so they can begin teaching a baby school in May. They will then build a house for two teachers who will live there at the school. They are also starting the construction of the school building. They will be teaching adult literacy in the afternoon. Andrew Partners for Care social worker in Turkana region is looking for an NGO that can help with providing food for a lunch program for the children as there is a severe lack of food in this area. If you want to help with providing hope through educating these children and adults and saving people and children from preventable diseases you can support this project through prayer, financially or perhaps God is calling you to go to meet the Turkana people yourself. Contact Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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