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Many people served – the devil is shamed

It is hard to believe but in 7 days time we went 12 hours north to Marsabit and 12 hours west to Cherengany – all on the “roads” of Kenya. I use the word roads even though at times there were no roads. The medical camps in Cherengany met so many challenges that at times we could only laugh at the disappointments. But, the leaders from the PLO Foundation who we partner with to do medical camps said it best “the devil was shamed”. None of the challenges stopped us from serving the people. The day before we left for the camps everything seemed “to fall apart”. Drugs weren’t ready, bed nets weren’t available, transportation was a problem. I put out a specific prayer requests for people to pray for God to intervene if He felt us worthy. Early Friday morning we secured both the drugs and the bednets. We arrived in Cherengany very late Friday night only to have the bus breakdown as we were delivering people to their hotels. The staff from Lumumba Foundation stayed up all night solving that problem. Somehow though we managed to get everyone to their camp site – we did four locations. People were already waiting to see a doctor. At the end of the day: 1536 were seen by doctors and received medications 700 children received polio immunization as we launched the Kenya polio program 900 mosquito nets were distributed 306 were tested for HIV/AIDS with 12 referred for follow-up Many received community health and family planning Tom from our team analyzed the water situation and developed a plan for them for safe drinking water 352 bibles were donated for the people All were prayed for

Tom praying with the sick

The Nandi women singing to the guests at one of the sites

Transportation back to Nairobi was well let’s say interesting as we didn’t have the bus we traveled there anymore….but we all arrived safely. The best part of all it was meeting a team of Kenyan doctors who are passionate for their people. The doctor who headed one of the sites told me when I called to see if he was ready to be picked up…”We can’t stop now, we have 20 people waiting in line to be seen”. He is a real servant to the people. The final report written by the Lumumba Foundation is titled, What if there was passion for servant leadership? Tonight we meet with the Lumumba team to debrief, analyze this camp and plan for the next one – Marsabit in February. I am looking for passionate people who want to come with me to serve along with the Lumumba team in Marsabit. Doing medical camps in Marsabit is as Ryan used to say…a task that is daunting and seems sometimes impossible but with God all things are possible. Blessed to serve with those who care for the people here in Kenya, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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