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Most challenging but rewarding day

I spent the day with a film crew filming the use of the water back packs. The footage will be used in the TV documentary Responsible Business featuring Greif.

Our first location was the small, village church where we distributed the water pack bags on Monday. The team had already distributed packs here earlier so they have been using them awhile.

The filming went great! Five of the women put the packs on and we followed them down to the watering hole. Keeping up with them was hard on the steep, muddy trail!

Daniel –  camera man

They filled their packs and Daniel (the camerman) filmed them climbing up from the hole with their water packs on their backs. He then followed them up the hill, through a field planted with maize and beans and back to the church.

The women also showed Daniel what it was like to carry a jerry can full of water up the hilly, muddy trails. It is hard for them to keep their balance with a jerry can on their back.

Carrying heavy jerry can up a muddy hill

Francisco the Community Health Worker took us to her house and Daniel filmed her explaining how the water back pack keeps the water safe.

The pastor was filmed telling how the women can better hear the word of God when they aren’t in pain from carrying the heavy jerry can.

We completed the filming at the PFC medical clinic filming Mercy, our clinical medical officer, Robert, PFC board member and Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, Sammy the Director of PFC Kenya and me. We each played a part in telling about the impact of the water back packs in Kenya.

Preparing for our interviews

1. Mercy told them how important the packs are in helping women in the rural area drink safe water and avoid the diarrhea diseases. She said these women are the ones who ensure the family has food and when they are sick the family goes hungry.

2. Robert said how making the pack backs in Kenya would provide jobs and could be a great social enterprise for PFC.

3. Sammy thanked Greif and PackH20 as PFC is in the business of saving lives and the water back packs help in this mission.

4. I spoke of how vital it is to partner with companies like Greif. They have the ideas and the desire to help in the world and we have the “boots on the ground” to go the last mile to deliver to those most in need.

When the documentary is completed I will send you the link to watch.

A rewarding but tiring day…but worth it!

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