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Ohio State University students

In December, Partners for Care was privileged to host 9 students from Ohio State University through there Buck-I-Serve program.

The students were wonderful!  They quickly completed the list of things we asked them to do. They did research for us, organized and packed donations for Kenya, completed a PFC “press” album, spent a day volunteering at MedShare, and many other things. We were impressed at how thorough they were at all the jobs they were asked to complete. And, as a bonus they were fun to be with!

While it was not intended as part of their visit with us, discussions soon centered around ways to “help and not harm” when doing volunteer work locally and broadly. The students wanted to learn more about how to help in the world in ways that create sustainable change.

One of the students wrote the following article and yesterday it was published in their school paper – the Lantern.

PFC thanks Molly, Rachel, Aly, Alayna, Cori, Fata, Jade, Kristen and Kelsey for serving with PFC!


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