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On a scale of 1-10

On a scale of 1-10, this trip was a 10 because of all that was accomplished! Here are just some of the highlights:

1. We made major movement forward in our plans to sew the water pack backs in Kenya. Greif representatives from Europe and the US are coming in September to discuss how they can help us establish the sewing center in country.

2. We hosted a staff member from Dr. Paul Farmer’s organization Partners in Health, Rwanda, and shared how PFC has implemented the water back packs. The country of Rwanda is receiving 100,000 water packs.

3. We visited the project founded by my close friends Beth Casey and Sally Gesham. They have established Providence Bible Training College and Chemi Chemi Camp in Kenya. The camp is a 5-star experience! I was so happy to see how their program has grown and how many pastors they are reaching. So impressive!

4. We attended the launch of the County First Ladies Association. This event was hosted by the First Lady of Kenya. What a special day it was as the First Ladies launched their 5-year strategic plan to help those most in need in Kenya. We had a special audience with all the First Ladies, as we shared about the back packs and the transformation of Marsabit Hospital.

5. We spent an evening with Zane Wilemon, Founder of Comfort the Children International. Zane has been very successful in opening up markets for products made in Kenya. They have 400 Masai women making bead bracelets. We learned from Zane about ways to export products from Kenya. We have started the process of developing a product line and a identifying a buyer in the US.

6. I met with Mt. Kenya University (MKU) to review our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and discuss plans for our continued work together. They told me that of all their MOU’s, ours is their most active. We proposed two trips a year to treat jiggers. They are going to research and publish on our mhealth program, the integration of PFC into Maururi Health Center and the transformation of Marsabit Hospital. And, they are exploring ways they can help with the water back project.

I saved for last one of the most exciting things that happened this time. I am happy to say that thanks to John Peterson, Ohio State University GAP student, mhealth is back up and running! John stayed on with PFC after the other students left to help us. He spent weeks working on the mhealth program, determined to get it up and running, and in the end he was successful! We are so happy to have mhealth working again.

Like I said God was at work. I remain committed to this team in Kenya who everyday are changing lives. Thank you for you commitment and care for the work in Kenya.

Blessings from Kenya,


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