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Partners for Care team continues to distribute the packH20

One of the blessings last year was our partnership with Greif Corporation who makes the packH20. These water packs carry as much water as the jerry cans. But, the packs keep safe drinking water safe and are much easier to carry. The team has distributed the packs to far northern Kenya, in Nairobi and in MaiMahui. Each person who receives a pack completes a survey answering questions about their water source, how they sanitize the water, and if they or their family experience signs and symptoms of water borne illnesses.

The Partners for Care staff follow-up weekly to ensure proper use of the pack. In three months the recipients will be asked to complete a follow-up survey. It is hopeful they they and their family will no longer experience signs and symptoms of water borne illnesses.

Most of the world’s health problems relate to a lack of safe drinking water. Partners for Care is privileged to partner with Greif as they work to help so many in the world.

Grateful for Greif who desires to good in the world,


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