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PGA raises funds for Partners of Hope

The Partners for Hope team told me they are “fired up and ready to fly”. Four women of color committed to travel to see how they can help in Kenya have raised their funds – with the help of Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA). As many of you may recall one of the team members, Virginia, lost her son Alain when he was struck and killed by lightening when playing golf in Orlando. Alain worked for the PGA and was loved by those he worked with. To help Alain’s mom fulfill her dream they stepped in to raise funds to send her to Kenya. They hosted a charity golf event to raise funds. The CEO of PGA flew down from New York to play golf in honor of Alain. I and all of the Partners of Hope team were there. The letter below tells how the people who knew Alain want to help keep his memory alive. While in Kenya the Partners for Hope team will explore ways to honor Alain. Many said this team could not raise enough funds to travel to Kenya. But, they were determined. They have had garage sales, did car washes and collected change. It will be a privilege for me to help them fulfill their dream and to help find a way honor Alain.

Blessed to help others serve,


A copy of a touching letter from the PGA sent to Partners for Care regarding Alain and our joint efforts to honor his memory is below.

Click on the picture for a closer look.

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