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Returning from Kenya

I have spent the last two weeks with the PFC staff in Kenya. It was a privilege to be with them as they served the most vulnerable- changing their lives.  I went with them as they delivered water backpacks to schools teaching children how to have safe water. I helped them unload 200 mobility carts sent by Mobility Worldwide. Staff will be distributing those carts to 200 people who will no longer have to crawl on the ground.

I met them and helped them plan how they will use the 90 computers they received to open 6 new computer schools. We also planned how we will start two hydroponics projects with two cows for Pastor Hirbo and three cows for Pastor John. These projects will ensure milk for the children at Kathi’s house and the widows Pastor John takes care of and all the children Past Hirbo rescues.

We are working to identify all the mayattas in Marsabit so we can help them with literacy and computer schools and water backpacks for safe water. These are truly people who live in the ends of the earth and the PFC staff are eager to reach them to lift them out of poverty.  A big job but not impossible.

Opportunities continue to increase for the PFC staff. We met with the Ministry of Education to discuss partnering with them to put water backpacks in all the classrooms in Kenya. Another big job but not impossible.

We did an event with the staff of the State House opening up more doors for partnerships for the staff.

None of these things would be possible without the support of our US and Kenyan board and all of our supporters and partners. We are grateful!

Blessings, Connie

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