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Sometimes you get a front row seat

Two and half years ago on the streets of Nairobi a little street boy looked up and said something to this day I remember. I remember how the words struck me. I remember how I felt. I remember the look on his face. That little boy was Stephen. It was during the height of the post-election violence in Kenya. I was downtown Nairobi having just completed a two-week tour of Kenya on the PEACE BUS delivering food and medical care to the Internally Displace People Camps. I fed Stephen that day along with his two friends – Jimmie and Brian. Stephen had lived on the streets for many years. He is an orphan. I asked them if they wanted to come with me. They said yes and for the last two and half years they have lived in the rescue center at Mathare Slum. Nick and Charles have cared for them along with the other 29 children. Many of you know the children. You know the condition of the slum. And, with so many of you financially helping Stephen, Jimmie and Brian and all the children will move OUT OF THE SLUM….to a new home in a village with grass for a backyard instead of a slum. And, they will each have their own bed. As the home is being completed these next two weeks I asked Nick if the children were getting excited about moving. He told me….they are already packed. On June 9 the Mombasa mission team will have a front row seat as we move the children to their new home. How good is God? What a blessing to do His work and help the orphans. Thanks to ALL you who have believed in Nick and Charles, who have loved the children and given financially and prayfully to make this happen!

Glad for a front row seat,

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