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Special Request

Dear Partners for Care supporters,

People so often ask what they can do to help Partners for Care.  People read the updates and they see the photos of lives being changed on the ground in Kenya and they just naturally wonder….”how can I be a part of that?” 

What if you could help us reach hundreds of people (maybe thousands!) with the life-changing work of our Partners for Care team in Kenya!  People who have a heart for Africa and want to do something, individually or as a family, to make a difference in the lives of Kenyan children…..people who could then reach out to others and spread the word.  Imagine the impact that would have on raising awareness and funds for the work of Partners for Care!  

Here’s how you can help……

PFC launched a fundraising campaign earlier this week to raise money for our boys’ soccer team in Kenya.  PFC uses soccer to help transform the lives of youth, helping kids to abandon idleness and destructive behaviors for life on a soccer team, where they have a sense of purpose and belonging.  

We are testing a site called (crowdsourcing) to see how well it works in raising funds for our various programs in Kenya. The boys’ soccer team is our first project using GoFundMe.

We would love for each of you to use your various social media channels to get the word out about this project and help us raise funds.  You can do this very easily by simply posting the link below on your social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email, and asking your “friends and followers” to do the same on their social media sites.  The more people we direct to the site, the more likely we are to be successful.  There are literally hundreds of projects on this site raising money every day, so we know it works!

Feel free to go to the site and read about the project needs and let me know if you have any suggestions.

As always, this work would not be possible without your support.  Thank you!

Sharon Dicks

Partners for Care

Director of Development

(770) 294-3586

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