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Temples of Worship CD Release

Temples of Worship releases their new CD The GOA/Partners for Care worship team – Temples of Worship has released its new CD. All of the songs were written by the team members and some are in swahilli and some in English. The album includes Justus’ song Remember Me When You Come. I have bought 200 copies home with me. They would be great Christmas presents for anyone who knows the team and for your Kenyan friends. They are $15.00 each and all the proceeds go to support the ministry work of the team. Just email or call me and I can get them to you. The producer told us it believes it is the best album he has ever produced. He is releasing it to the radio stations in Kenya this week. If you can help the team sell the CDs let me know or if you have any ideas on how we can market it. Thank you for your help! Connie

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