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Testimonies from the children

These are some of the testimonies from the children who attended the GOA children’s conference:

“The food was good, I wish I would have such food everyday. I wish the conference would continue all the time. May the Lord bless all who contributed money for us to have delicious food.”

“We had enough blankets to cover ourselves at night. Kinangop area is very cold but we were very comfortable”

“It is so wonderful to have my own journal. The cover page was so nice. I wish all my books were like my journal.”

“I’m so glad to have my own gift bag. I have never had so many personal items like toothpast, toothbrush, soap, pens. May the Lord bless those who gave us our gift bags.”

“I’m suprised that I could wash my hands with hand sanitizer.”

“May the Lord bless those who gave us the money to build our tent for shelter – we didn’t get rained on.”

“Thank you for giving our teams balls and uniforms. We never imagined we would get uniforms.” “A 17 year old girl told us after she received a certificate that she had never been recognized for anything in her life.”

Bless all those who prayed, funded and followed along with the conference through the updates, Connie

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