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The momentum builds

All the mission trips I have participated in and everything I have had read about short term mission trips consistently says one thing – as a team member going you need to send letters asking for support and build a sending team. Well I am seeing first hand why that is so important. (Billy if you are reading this I know you are smiling). Because they had to fund raise to go to Kenya the Partners for Hope team has gathered a sending team unlike I have ever seen – and it continues to grow. From the newspaper article last week has come more newspaper coverage. And, the nursing home asked them to speak at the administrative staff meeting. When I made my visit to the nursing home last week people told me it is all the talk at the facility. This week they have been invited to speak before the family council who wants to support them. The Rotary is now involved as well as the Knights of Pythagoras Mentoring Network, Inc. When C. Ron Allen the reporter from the Sun Sentinel heard they wanted to do an IT center in memory of Alain he gave us 5 computers and told us he can get us as many computers as we want. I spoke before the Delray Beach Rotary on Friday morning and the they want us to come back when we return (C. Ron is the President of the Rotary in Delray Beach). It is a blessing to watch this small team of determined women build their support. The Knights of Pythagoras Mentoring Network, Inc. mentors high school black students who are at risk of being in criminal trouble, dropping out of school, etc. We met one of the young men Thursday night when we picked up the computers. When I showed him the pictures from Kenya he was in disbelief. He has been talking about it to his mentor. The Partners of Hope told me today when they return they are raising support for two of these boys to go to Kenya. Mr. Beasley emailed last June when he read about the teens that went with me in June and said that would be so wonderful for black teens to be able to go but it would be almost impossible for that to happen. Well, God has now seen to it that it will happen. Blessed to take the Partners for Hope team to Kenya, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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