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The way it works – 2nd update

This is the way it works. You learn 473 children under the age of five die EVERYDAY in Kenya. As a mom, a nurse, a Christian you want to help. You recruit your family to the cause. You recruit your friends to help. You decide the way to help is to equip, empower and engage young indigenous Christian leaders in the fight to save their children. Then you need money to do the work. You need money to pay the young Christian Kenyan leaders so they can support their parents and other family members back home in the villages. You need money to do the mission outreach like the one we are doing this weekend. You put together an American team and ask them to come join the Kenyan team to do the mission. They raise funds to come to Kenya and for the mission work and you pray they raise enough to support the mission. You are so grateful for the hundreds of people who support them with the funds to come and the funds to do the work. I hope everyone knows that whatever they gave large or small is making a difference. This weekend at the Mombasa mission we will see hundreds of people who are sick and give them medicine to make them well. Young men and women who have been playing in our soccer tournament for this last month will play the finals. Not the World Cup but to them it is as important – the winning team will receive soccer shoes and uniforms. Some of these kids play without shoes so to receive soccer shoes is a “big deal”. Yesterday there over a 1000 people watching the quarter-finals! We have 1000 bed nets that we will distribute to children 5 and under and pregnant women. Sleeping under a bed net can prevent a child from dying from malaria. Hopefully, we will prevent one of the 473 children from dying. The Temples of Worship will sing all weekend from the stage and do a what if? event. Counselors will test people for HIV/Aids and people will sign commitment cards pledging to do their part to create an HIV-free generation. They will ask people to give their lives to Christ. None of this could be happening if this American team Ryan, Kristen, Amy, Rebecca, my son David, Logan, Nick, Stephanie, Jim, Lyn and Jake had not come and if so many people had not supported them. So that’s how it works. Many people – American and Kenyan working together to save the children.

Blessed to be a part of the Mombasa mission team and grateful for all the $supporters,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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