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The women of Parkishon are using the water back packs

Marsabit women carrying their water back pack uphill

It was so excited to receive this photo from Pastor Hirbo. Pasor Hirbo has been going to Parkishon every week to help the women make the transition from carrying the yellow jerry cans to using the water back pack carriers to transport their water. His work is helping ease the burden of these women. They walk 8 hours to find water!

I had gotten very behind in sending out updates about the progress of the work of the team in Kenya. To share with you their work I have posted on our blog photos of the first crop from our farm, an update and photos of Cris and Gary’s vision trip to Kenya, a thank you to ITT Technical School for the computers they donated and more photos about the water back pack project. I hope you visit the blog to see the work on the ground.



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