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Water packs open up new opportunities for Pastor Hirbo

I have just returned from Marsabit. We went to work with Marsabit Hospital on their continued transformation of the hospital. They are preparing to receive two more containers from MedShare.

We took Pastor Hirbo 500 water packs for distribution. He met with the health officer over an area north of Marsabit where the Gabro tribe live. After telling him about the water packs the health officer invited Pastor Hirbo to meet with 20 community health workers from all over this area. They will help distribute the water packs. This opens up a whole new area for Pastor Hirbo to reach people. The Gabro tribe is considered unreached.

We visited one of the villages in this area with Pastor Hirbo. It is hard to believe there are places more remote than Parkishon but this area is!  Truly I could not see how people live there.  It is just vast lands of desert with camels everywhere.  The people live in manyattas. Nothing edible grows on the land. They do have a water tank from USAID where they get water.

We visited a primary boarding school where there are 800 students. The children were playing soccer with a small ball they made from rolling socks together. That was all they had for sports. Pastor Hirbo gave them one of the indestructible soccer balls.  You can only imagine their excitement!  And the great thing is the indestructible ball will last even in the harsh conditions of this arid land.

Pastor Hirbo is grateful for water packs and soccer balls that help him reach the people in the deserts in Northern Kenya.

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