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What If? Concert Tour Launched

With a packed church in Lumuru Dr. Patrick Lumunba lauched the What If? Concert Tour. What If? Dr. Lumunba asked the audience there was no Aids? What if this next generation in Kenya, in the world made a decision to live holy for Christ and create a HIV/AIDS generation? The people listened in silence as Dr. Lumumba passionately described the impact in the world of HIV/Aids. The sickness,, the deaths, the orphans.

Dr. Lumumba launching the concerts, in Limuru

What If? He asked if there was no Aids. Every village could have clean water, every school a computer, roads could be built connecting the unreached tribes in the distant parts of Kenya. What If? Hon. Mwangi Mukami, former youth President of Kenya, spoke and called the youth to follow God’s principles and say no to HIV/AIds. He said it was not too late to change their behavior, repent and declare their intent to live holy lives.

A picture of a section of the audience present during the Limuru concert

The Temples of Worship sang and the people shouted to sing more. Hundreds of people made the decison to sign a committment card saying “Yes We Can” create a HIV-free enviornment. They pledged to do their part – test and know their status, wait until marriage, be faithful to one partner. Pastor Mungai of our host church asked his sister to come forward and she told us she was infected but God was good and she was on ARVs and felt strong. The pastor shared how she was the person in his life that encouraged him the most. She works with infected women in Lumuru encouraging them. The team worshiped through the night and as morning came a wooden cross was placed at the front as a reminder that He died for all people and He offered redemption for those who accepted Him as their savior. Lights were dimmed and candles were lit illuminating only the cross. The Temples of Worship sang Remember Me as David and Justice knelt at the cross when they sang “we come to you”. When they finsihed Pastor Omondi took the microphone and in a quiet voice said “halleluiah”. He closed the concert asking who wanted to receive Christ. Twenty people said yes to Jesus. They will be disciplined by the host church. Thank you to those who have been praying for these concerts. We ask your continued prayers. We travelled all day when a bus full of sleeping people arriving in Eldoret by 5:00 pm. We arrived in time for the award ceremony of A-Step’s four month Peace Tournament. The second concert will be Sunday at 1:00 pm. I will share more about the A-Step Peace Tournaments in the next update. Blessings, God can create a HIV-free generation. Connie

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