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Changing Lives

Partners for Care was founded in 2007 by Connie Cheren, a social worker and nurse whose heart was broken by the conditions affecting children she observed during her first trip to Kenya in June 2007. Since that time, the mission of Partners for Care has been to change lives, one child at a time.

Our vision is for every child in Kenya to have the opportunity to live… have safe water, enough food to eat, attend school, and grow up healthy.

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Operating Tenants and Values

Operating Tenants / Values

Partners for Care embraces the philosophy of developing local capacity in the countries we serve – presently Kenya. All of PFC’s initiatives are Kenyan-led and designed to serve the people of East Africa in sustainable ways. PFC works to develop and resource local leaders on the ground, who do the work and thus, bring hope and healing to their nation.

PFC strives to implement several foundational philosophies for serving in developing nations, as outlined in When Helping Hurts by Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett; as well as in Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton.

  • Never do for others what they can do for themselves

  • Limit one-way giving to emergencies (most needs are chronic, not crisis)

  • Employment, lending, investing are best as incentives

  • Subordinate self-interests to the interests of the poor (that is, are we doing things for our good or for those we seek to serve?)

  • Listen to what is not being said (many needs are not immediately voiced)

  • Above all, do no harm

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What is different about Partners for Care?

  • No general and donor funds support any PFC staff or operating expenses in the United States; all general funds are directed to the support of our Kenya staff, who lead and implement programs on the ground.

  • The US Executive Director and Administrative Staff all work pro bono and all overhead expenses (rent, utilities, office space) are covered through in-kind donations.​​​

  • Partners for Care takes seriously the value of partnerships. By partnering with other nonprofits, universities and government agencies both in the US and Kenya PFC is able to reach and help more people.  

  • All programs are designed to help the people we serve through innovative, sustainable, compassionate Kenyan-led solutions to the problems of disease, hunger, unsafe water, and preventable death of children.

  • To learn about traveling with Partners for Care click here for our Vision Trip Guidelines

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Founder of PFC

Working with partners, US and Kenya, and an incredible team of Kenyan staff, our founder has started an organization  that has served the people of Kenya. Partners for Care has become an organization that helps change lives. Below is a link to see photos of Connie's many trips to Kenya. Click here for videos of Connie. 

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