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Our partnership with MedShare has provided Partners for Care with numerous 40-foot containers of donated medical equipment and supplies, which were used to totally transform Marsabit Hospital, located in the desert of northeast Kenya. This transformation has dramatically improved the health care of 250,000 people in Marsabit County.


Mobility Worldwide

Our partnership with has helped our PFC staff make a profound impact on hundreds of disabled adults and children in Kenya. Through our partnership, we have distributed several containers of mobility carts to men, women, and children who cannot walk, lifting them off the ground and giving them the gift of mobility. The carts not only provide a vehicle for personal transportation, but also a means to transport goods to market so that a disabled person can earn a living to support themselves.


Mt Kenya University

Our partnership with Mount Kenya University, has helped advance the work of PFC’s medical initiatives designed to improve the quality of life for people in Kenya. MKU has been researching and publishing on the outcome of PFC’s work including the impact of treating over 5,000 children and adults for jiggers, the transformation of Marsabit Hospital and the decrease in water born illnesses from the use of the water back packs.


Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC)

Through our partnership with FODAC PFC has helped change the lives of hundreds of disabled and adults and children in Kenya through generous donations of special adaptive durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches, standing boards, and hospital beds. This equipment would otherwise be too costly and unobtainable to those most who most need it, but partnering with FODAC for the equipment and MedShare for the shipping, this equipment has made its way to individuals, children’s centers, and hospitals in Kenya.



Our partner Ourganda is supporting Partners for Care with the Water Backpack program. An important area of focus for Ourganda is bringing clean water to desperate villages. Ourganda also distributes birthing kits for pregnant women, hygiene kits for young women, and health kits for kids (mosquito nets, shoes, soap, water bottles, etc.).



Our partnership with Peacepassers, a nonprofit that collects and distributes soccer gear all over the world, has enabled Partners for Care to reach thousands of young people in Kenya through sports. Peacepassers has connected Partners for Care with dozens of organizations, schools, and individuals who have donated soccer gear and equipment to our youth soccer programs in Kenya. Those donations have helped PFC reach and transform the lives of thousands of young people in Kenya through team sports and one-on-one mentorship.


Zetech University

Our partnership with Zetech University, a local university, has enabled Partners for Care to collaborate with students and academics to further the goal of enriching the lives of our local communities. Zetech University is committed to the spirit of community service and servant leadership.


Georgia Tech University

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