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We’ll Just Be Hungry Again Tomorrow This trip to Kenya we partnered with Joy Divine, a community-based organization (CBO) working in Mathare Slum. The Director Frederick Mwaura, is truly an amazing man who has been transforming lives in Mathare for 15 years. He has been raising funds to help bring mobility carts to lift up those crawling on the ground.

A student team from the University of Missouri (a new student organization called Relief for Africa) went with me this trip. They had raised funds for mobility carts to be donated through Joy Divine to persons living in Kariobanga Slum. While we there distributing the carts, Barbara, a young woman came up to me to ask me what motivated me to be there distributing the carts. I asked her about herself and she told me she had lived in the slum for 10 years being raised by her mom who was widowed. She told me her mom had taken in laundry (hand washing) to raise enough money for school fees for Barbara and her siblings to attend school. Barbara had made it through high school and was praying someday to attend college. 

Then Barbara told me that in all her years living in the slum no one had helped the people of the slum like Partners for Care. She said most people come and feed the street children….and with so much wisdom she said… the next day they are hungry again. What we need isn’t a meal, it’s jobs (and mobility) to earn an income so we can feed our own families. PFC staff have distributed mobility carts helping the physically challenged and have also opened a computer school in partnership with Joy Divine. Computer skills and mobility provide the means by which people can secure jobs or start small businesses. Barbara has completed the computer class and is now teaching others. She beamed when she said that PFC staff had also showed her how she and the others living in the slum can help each other, and not just wait for outsiders to come help.  

While I felt proud of our staff in Kenya who are helping implement sustainable solutions to help the materially poor, I was sad for all the missed opportunities to truly help young women like Barbara. Barbara and others like her who are materially poor desire to go to school or learn computers or sewing so they can support themselves and their families. Barbara reminded me of this. If you would like to donate to help Barbara and other young women like her, click the button below. As always, thank you for your support!

Connie Cheren

Founder & President

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