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Update on baby Yewlanda – this one will make you smile

The following was written by Pastor Hirbo who is the pastor in Marsabit who helped us rescue Baby Yewlando. Kacey and Cris made sure Yewlanda and her siblings were going to be taken care of. Pastor Hirbo is helping.


Yewlanda is a baby girl of 3 years but she looked like a three months old baby when she met a young woman – Kacey. Kacey was on a medical mission trip with her Mom Cris. They were serving with Partners for Care. Yewlanda was half dead, not moving her hands or legs. She only moved her eyes. One day and one night spent in the hospital but no service was given. On Sunday evening at 10 pm I took her to my house carrying her in my arms. Yewlanda lay on the bed with my six month baby boy. My wife (Zainabu) and I prayed for her. Yewlanda was not even able to turn on the bed. My wife woke every two hours to turn her on the bed to another side.

What God Can Do No Man Can.

The second day I saw Yewlanda stand by our bed laughing, I was amazed and did not believe my eyes. The third day Yewlanda walked from our house to the kitchen outside 3 meters away -another miracle. What has happened;

  1. Yewlanda is a hundred percent free from jiggers.

  2. Her body is strong so we can take her around other children.

  3. Her appetite has increased she is eating well

  4. She is a joyful girl throughout and attracts all the village children and mothers and is loved by every one.

  5. She never cries a single minute

Yewlanda very happy


She left two brothers and three sisters behind at her village who are in the same situation as her But honor and glory may return to God and blessings to Partners for Care and those who support it. The six children were malnourished and highly infected by jiggers and not able to come out of their house even for the porridge provided at the nursery school once a day for the village kids.

Most needy at Parkishon

After the 6th Aug, 2011 medical camp by PFC, all of them can now walk from their house to the nursery school to have porridge at the school walking on their own feet. This is a great improvement. I am visiting them every Wednesday for check up on jigger’s infection, their health and to connect them to the clinical support from the government.

The children of Parkishon

Children line up for jigger treatment

Pastor Hirbo treating the children

Boy healed of jiggers proudly walks home

Treated children with new shoes now can walk

Thus far I have a lot to say thank you to Jesus the Father to the fatherless and to Kacey who came so far to save a child. May God bless all those who support PFC and for the lives you are saving. You are helping the marginalized and forgotten people groups of Marsabit.

Pastor Hirbo Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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