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10th Update

A blessing in the desert Laban asked before we left Nairobi if we could take 45 nets to a children’s home in the desert between Kitale and Lodwar. Laban directed us to pull over at a place in the middle of no where. There were a few stores but mostly what we saw was desert. There waiting for us were the two sisters of Pastor Jacob. For those who don’t know Pastor Jacob is one of the nine GOA pastors in Lodwar. He and five other siblings including these two young girls were born crippled. The two girls stayed at the children’s home where we were to take the nets. Walking about a mile through the desert carrying the nets we found a large Catholic church and the children’s home. Children were at the gate waiting for us. Every child was handicapped in some way. Some with missing limbs, others with casts on their tiny legs and some scooted their bodies too deformed to walk. The children’s home was very poor but clean and a nice, loving place for the children. The children were well cared for. There was a physical therapy room for them to receive therapy.. We were told many of the disabilities related to the mother’s poor nutritional status. We showed them how to hang and use the nets and then the music team sang Remember Me. The children laughed and some sang along. We sat holding the little children as we listened to the song hoping we would remember these children and realize everywhere there are God’s angels like the staff here who cared for these children in the desert of Northern Kenya. On the bus to Lodwar we talked about what we had seen. Many team members were very touched. One member said his prayers would forever be changed. Now he would just thank God for his many blessings asking for nothing. Thank you God for allowing us the priveledge of knowing these children and God’s servants who care for them. Blessings, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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