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10th Update GOA/Partners for Care Children’s Conference

There is so much to share about what has happened over the last three days with the Children’s Conference. There were many challenges as each children’s home prepared to travel to Tumaini. But once again God’s mercies were on GOA and one by one the children’s homes arrived. . Excited children jumped off the buses coming from Merciful Redeemer, Good Shepard, Msa Maria, Good Shepard and Christ Compassion. Rebecca, Eunice, Dennis, Julius and Abigal from Beat the Drum who previously lived at Merciful Redeemer ran to greet the children from Merciful Redeemer! It was just like a family reunion. They have all requested to visit each other at their respective children’s homes. Faith from the Turkana region was happy to see her sister Aline who lives at Tumaini.

One of the most touching moments for me was when the boys arrived from Strong Tower. There is no one that would believe these boys have been off the streets for only two months!!! They were dressed “smartly” as they say in Kenya – had bags for their clothes and were so polite and organized! They have been noticed by everyone for their polite and discplined behavor. Having been at the opening of Strong Tower it is wonderful to see the fruits of this ministry.

To keep costs low GOA staff made the tent that has been used for the conference.. You really have to see pictures to appreciate this tent. The front is decorated with ribbons spelling out the theme of the conferecne – Becoming a Champion for Christ. Our tent is hot in the day and cold in the evening – but there have been no complaints from the children! Nor have they complained about sleeping 20+ in one room on mattresses on the floor! In fact the 320 children haven’t complained about anything. They are having so much fun. The children from MsaMaria who are OVCs (orphans and vulnerable children) who live in the Kiambiu slum but not in a children’s home said they wanted to stay here at Tumaini and not return to the slum.

The children are given 5 meals/snacks during the day to give good nutrition. That means 5 times 320 cue through the serving line! Have you seen ugali for 400 people? The children are loving the food!

There are 32 group leaders who each have 10 children. These leaders have been guiding, loving and growing leaders among these children. There is so much heart and passion among these group leaders. They have amazed me with their skills and knowlege of how to work with these children. I am learning much from them.

Each children’s home prepared presentations – some reading poems, some skits, others dancing and many sang. We have been entertained by the children. We have laughed at their funny skits and sang along with them praising and worshiping. Haniel video taped throughout the name and last night showed their presentations on the screen. The children were amazed to see and hear themselves on the big screen!

Will write more later to share,

Enjoying being with all these orphan children here in Kenya, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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