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11th Update

Anyone who knows and loves a child at either Tumaini, Merciful Redeemer, Good Shepard, Christ Compassion, Beat the Drum or has visited the children at Msa Maria should be very happy that the GOA Children’s Conference was declared a success. The goals set in the beginning with the 32 group leaders were for the children to have fun, increase their self-esteem, have hope in Christ for the future and that no child would be injured! These goals were met. Bishop David opened the conference and closed the conference. In his closing remarks he told the children he came on Monday night to open the conference and then planned to return to Nairobi for other work. But each day as he watched the children in worship and in small groups, , listened to the worship music, played on the field with 320 children he decided to leaving the next day. But he never left and he told the children he decided to join where God was working. He said he saw staff, teachers, leaders, and children leaving enlightened, free of stress and depression. He said he saw enough poured into these children during the week to turn the world upside for the world to make disciples out of all nations. He thanked Camp Highland for the t-shirts as it was an equalizer for all children making even the poorest child feel like everyone else He also thanked them for their help with the curriculum and sending Rachael to help them with structure and low ropes. She made a spider of rope for the children to transverse. Rachael was easy to find – she was the one with the huge smile and at least one, sometimes two or three children on her lap. You could also find her serving ugali out of a 50 pound container! Bishop thanked all supporters and said that their support would continue to produce fruit! Cathy Armors class wrote a song changing the song Pray for Peace in Kenya to We pray for Peace in Georgia Peace for Good Shepard, Merciful Redeemer, Msa Maria, CCRC, Tumaini, and Strong Tower. They recored a DVD with their song and greetings. Cathy’s room is decorated with pictures of Kenya iand other items from Kenya ncluding a Kenya flag as a curtain! The children really enjoyed seeing Cathy’s class. Will write more in Amsterdam. Plane leaving Nairobi, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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