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1st report from the GOA Pray for Peace Bus

I know this is my the third maybe fourth email to you today but for the first time since the violence started in Kenya I feel the spirit of hope and I wanted to share with you why!

I just heard from thosewho were on the Pray for Peace bus today. Remember they are 9 hours ahead of us so they have completed their work today. While part of their report is very sad there is hope.

They went to two camps giving medical care to approx 140 people. The team told me the people were very sick. They bought milk for the children as the children were asking for milk. They brought food and clothes. They were not able to do HIV testing as the women are very tramatized by so much rape that they first need counseling. Sammy and David sang the Pray for Kenya song and they told me women wept. That can be a first step in healing.  Many tears will be shed in Kenya as the nation heals. This team of Partners for Care/GOA nurses, social workers and GOA pastors are so committed to doing what they can to help their nation heal and become a tribeless one nation of Kenya. Your prayers for their safety and financial support is enabling Kenyans to work to heal.

And today in their text messages to me they said they are praying for the supporters. I remember when 911 happened and we heard from so many nations how ccomforting that made me feel. I know what you are doing to support them is comforting to them.

Monday they go to Mathare and will need to covered in prayer. Mathare was one of the hardest hit areas in Nairobi. Much rape and violence and burning happened in Mathare. And remember that is were Nick and Charles who are on the Peace Team live.

And when this is over in Kenya and people feel the desire to return I am praying that those of you who are supporting the GOA Pray for Peace bus can go and celebrate with the GOA Peace team. What a wonderful day that will be. And Sammy and David will sing for you – “We prayed for peace in Kenya and God granted peace to this great nation of Kenya”

Praying for peace and healing in Kenya,


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