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1st Update

Kimberly, Lorri and I arrived safely iin Kenya. Some of the Partners for Care staff and Pastor Matthew had gone to Nyrahruru to buy the food for the children’s conference. Our van broke down and they were stranded. The one day trip turned into three and the van is still not repaired. We will be taking matatus to the childrens’s conference in Nyrahruru tomorrow. In Kenya there is wonderful news for the kingdom. Bishop David and GOA leaders are in the Samburur region on a mission and many are receiving Christ as they hear the word for the fist. Pastor Karanja completed his crusade in Uhruru Park last weekend and over 500 came to Christ. GOA/Partners for Care worship team – Temples of Worship led the worship for the three days. And more good news. Last week Nick and Charles from Community Transformers held a camp for 300 at-risk youth from Marthare Slum. The purpose was to show young men and women how to live a Christ-centered life free from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Partners for Care staff were there all week helping with cooking, HIV/AIDS testing and leading praise and worship. GOA pastors came three mornings to lead devotions. Seven-eight young people gave their lives to Christ! When Charles told me so many accepted Christ he gave the credit to.the GOA pastors. He said they were amazing as they led so many to Christ. Every person that tells me about the conference tells me how wonderful it was. They are so excited to tell me how organized the camp was and the impact it had on all who attended. Nick and Charles had very little funds to hold this camp. The kids slept in tents and Partners for Care staff helped buy the food and cooked with the CT volunteers. As the Bishop says doing God’s work, God’s way doesn’t lack provisions. so very blessed to witness the kingdom is growing here in Kenya, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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