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1st Update

I am on the plane traveling to Kenya. So much has happened since I returned from Kenya just a month ago. SN has successfully led four sports tournaments reaching thousands with the message of HIV awareness and the gospel. From Eldoret to CCRC to Kiambiu slum the team has used music, drama and the Passion of Christ movie to bring young people to church and to the Lord. and to teac HIV/AIDS. Awareness.

Meantime in the US God brought together Partners for Care and Chance Afrika as partners to expand the ministry to assist GOA to Reach-a-Million with the message of HIV prevention – all to create an HIV-free generation.

Debbie Jones from the Inter-faith Office, Rollins Public Health, Emory University will be joining me this trip. Her purpose is to begin the “mapping” of youth-initiatives in Kenya and to explore working through Partners for Care and GOA to address community health issues – clean water, malaria, HIV/AIDS, nutrition and TB prevention.

I will also be visiting all five GOA children’s home with Partners for Care staff – nurses, social workers, pastors, nutritionists and sports evangelist. The purpose of these visits is to assess each home in respect to nutrition, physical enviornment, health programs, spiritual programs, compliance with Kenya government regulations and health of the children. These assessments will be used by the Directors of the children’s home to improve the care and services they provide the children. This is part of GOA’s mission to go deeper in all of their ministries this year. The team will also identify best practices to share with the other children’s homes.

I will also meet with Matthew and the GOA team that is planning the next GOA children’s conference to be held August 18-22.

And lastly I will be assisting Pastor Karanja in his preparation for his August trip to preach in Nairobi and to go to Marsabit to help Pastor Hirbo. I am meeting with his ground team in Nairobi.

Blessed to be returning to Kenya,


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