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1st Update

I am through check-in and feel blessed already. One is because my KLM friend Ed was here today and not a question of charging me for my four bags of which one was 70 pounds.  And he told me he knew God would keep me safe. Second is because Ken and Barb, sister and parents came to the Kenyan church today to support me and to see first hand Pastor karanja. They said they were transported 10,000 miles away to Kenya. And Pastor karanja called me up and laid hands on me as he and the church members prayed for my protection.  I really feel God’s protection.

I have been receiving emails from Bishop David (from his Blackberry!) and from Jane (Partners for Care social worker) about all they have put in place for the work we will do this week. There will be 30 Partners for Care nurses and social workers,, pastors and others joining Christian and me first thing Tuesday morning as we assess the needs and develop a plan as to what would please God and how best to use GOA’s strengths – passion, committment, a spirit of willingness to serve, a heart of forgiveness and a network of churches throughout Kenya and nurses and social workers who work for the church.  What they lack are financial resources.

If we are able to travel Kennedy will be driving us and everyone knows how we love Kennedy. Njokie will cook for us and many of the staff will stay in the apartment. I was touched when Jane said this time they are covering mine and Christian expenses. (The Bishop and I will have to discuss that!  I can’t imagine them paying for me when they have reached out so compassionately to others in great need).

This morning I spoke to Nick and Charles. Two young Christian guys who live in Mathare and visit 150 people sick with Aids and have a program for 250 vulerable orphans and children. They will be working with us this week. They are funded a dollar a day for the work they do!  They have big hearts, big smiles and love the Lord. They have recently attended the Nairobi GOa church and loved it.. When I asked them if I could bring them anything they just said money to buy the children food – they never asked for anything for themselves.

Please pray we don’t disappoint the Bishop as he hopes we can accomplish many things as GOA reaches out to help rebuild homes, lives and relationships in Kenya. God has claimed the victory now His people here and there need to do their part.

Eager to be in Kenya,


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