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1st update from Kenya

Maggie’s School touching lives in Eldoret I am in Eldoret with a Reach-A-Million iniative. Partners for Care and GOA leaders have partnered with a community based group A-Step to do a sports evangelism. Football teams have been playing games all week leading up to the finals to be played tomorrow. This iniative is reaching people with the message of salvation, HIV awareness and peace. Eldoret was one of the places with the most post-election violence. It was a church in Eldoret that was burned and children in the church were killed. There has been months of working to heal the pain and hurting the violence created. There is much bitterness in the hearts of the people here. Our team came to Eldoret during the violence. We saw the burning and were affected ourselves as we faced roadblocks and attempts to harm the bus. We went to IDPs here including the one at show ground where 10,000 people were sheltered in tents. Now the team has returned to join the efforts for peace and reconciliation. Yesterday Pastor Omondi and I met a young man who is Turkana. I could tell he was lost and hurting. I told him about Maggie’s School built in Akatmon. He knew of the village there and he thanked us for building a school there because he never went to school and never learned to read himself. I asked him if he was born again and he said no. I told him of the story of Bishop David going to Akatman and his 3 year prayer for a school for the Turkana people. We told him the school was built because God loves the Turkana people and we love the Turkana people. He said he would accept Christ if he could tell us what he was going through. What he shared was his struggle in not being able to read. We asked him if he had been tested for HIV and he said no. He agreed to test. I believe Maggie’s School helped us reach this man for Christ. I also believe God was showing us how important Maggie’s School is. This next generation of Akatman children will be able to read. Praise God. Praying for healing in Eldoret, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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