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2nd Update

Removing the bitterness from the heart

Yesterday GOA leaders held seminars for over 50 youth leaders. It was easy to mobilize these leaders because the GOA pastors is on the board of A-Step. A-Step is an Community Based organization founded in 2003. Their funding has been sporatic coming mostly from well-wishes. They work through sports. Their founder and director Timothy is passionate about reaching the youth through sports. He himself was a street boy in Nairobi and played football for Mathare Association. He told it was playing football that changed his life. He seeks to give that change to other youth. They are very organized with football happening every weekend all over the city. They have 24 boys teams and 6 girls teams. There 50 core volunteer leaders and 150 other volunteers.

One of the speakers was a GOA pastor who shared his testimony how he was affected by the violence. He is Luo and his wife is Kikuyu. During the height of the violence angry men were going door to door looking for Luos. They came to his door and threatened to kill him. They had killed and cut a Luo man to pieces just nearby. Only by the grace of God was he not killed.

After his testimony three young men came to him and confessed they had bitterness in their heart. While they and others are working with other tribes it is only on the surface. They still have bitterness in their heart. They told the pastor they wanted to heal the bitterness in their heart because they believed if after what the pastor went through he could still be a pastor and love and believe God and forgive those who hurt him then they too could forgive.

Praise God for the pastor who was willing to share what had happened to him even though it is painful to share the story. Praise God for the healing that is happening in this city, in this Nation one heart at a time.

                                              People give their lives to Christ Blessed to witness God at work, Connie

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